Roger Nieto


Information Technology
Electrical & Mechanical engineer,
U.S Airforce Veteran
Persian Gulf, Desert Storm, Veteran of Foreign Wars  

Bobby Padua


IT Electrical And Software Engineer - Blockchain and DBA
Finance and Private Equity
Church Coach and Father
Systems Strategist Architect 

Roger Agsalda


Mechanical Engineer in Agri-business
Healthcare and Senior Care Services
Logistics HRM and PR

Luviminda Salvacion


Healthcare Administration.
Commercial property management.
Entrepreneur and travel enthusiast

The citadel team, Board and advisory

Bobby Padua - Founder/CEO

Roger Nieto - Founder/President

Donovan Warren - Funding and Investments Executive

Roger Agsalda – West Coast Operations Officer

Luviminda Salvation – Financial Officer

Edwin Acob - Marketing Executive

Luis Velo – East Coast Operations Officer
Santa Rita Pecan Founder

Faitala Sofa- Education Executive

Danny Cosico- Medical Executive

Edmond Cosico - Regional Executive

Cacharelle Vance - Executive Board

Brad Vance - Executive Board

Donna Padua - Executive Board