Citadel Partnerships

Citadel an Agri-Business Disruptor

We encourage individuals, farm owners, companies, institutions and governments
to Partner with Citadel.


Be a Partner!

Citadel Farmer Partnerships are for every member and entity in our Ecosystem. Our Ecosystem network creates a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity has adapted to survive through competition and cooperation.

FARMS and farmers

All farmers are members of Citadel Farmers. The association of farmers is a non-profit division providing support and resources. 

vendors and business

Citadel seek mutual benefits from select vendors and businesses for our members and partnerships.


financial institutions and banks

Financial Institutions and banks are selected to meet the financial needs of our members and partnerships.


real estate business

Citadel works with global real estate businesses to provide support in real estate puchases and leases.


medical and healthcare

Citadel works with healthcare institutions to provide medical and insurance needs of our members and partners.


Citadel work Educational Institutions and providers to give our members extended knowledge and certifications..